Data Recovery Process

Miami Data Lab streamlines the data recovery process with a structured four-step course of action designed to provide best in class customer service.


Step 1: Consultation


The customer initiates the process by contacting Miami Data Lab (MDL) online, by phone or by visiting our office.  During our first consultation, Miami Data Lab initiates the process of assessing your data loss situation to determine the best and most cost-effective data recovery solution.  Then we provide an overview of the data recovery process and a price range for data recovery services.


Step 2: Evaluation

Miami Data Lab provides you with comprehensive evaluation results before you decide to proceed with your data recovery. This transparent process enables you to make an informed decision and includes:


Analyzing media and damage to determine the condition of data

Providing a guaranteed fixed price for data recovery service along with a recovery service authorization form.


Step 3: Data Recovery Service

Following the initial consultation and evaluation, Miami Data Lab identifies the specific data recovery software, file recovery software, and/or RAID data recovery software required to meet your needs.  A Data Recovery Service Authorization Form is signed by the customer to formalize the service request.


Step 4: Project Completion

Once the recovery is complete, Miami Data Lab provides the following:


Delivery of recovered data on your media of choice

The timely return of recovered data based on the selected method and service level

Simple instructions on how to access and re-install recovered data